Customer Acknowledgements

The AERO Group treats every project and every client with equal attention. We have built our organization and reputation on satisfied repeat customers. We wish to thank the following sampling of customers for their positive feedback:

American Airlines

Time and again AERO Group has provided services to American Airlines including the recent 80+ airport projects throughout the U.S. These projects alone prove that ASE and ABW are turnkey companies. Furthermore, when they have the opportunity to work together, they truly are the only all inclusive airside design provider in the industry.

Mike Napoli, Manager – Airport Planning

Edmund Quintana – JFK International Air Terminal, LLC

The AERO Group presents a uniquely qualified firm for aviation related terminal airside design and construction projects. Their experience is unparalleled in the industry.

Edmund Quintana, Facility Manager

Delta Air Lines, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int’l Airport

We have found them to be creative in solving project needs in a timely manner; very rapid to respond to our requests and change directives. The delivery of the latest Atlanta project has been superb, and we would highly recommend them to any other airline or municipality for their aviation airside projects.

John Head, General Manager

US Airways

We have found the AERO Group to be very qualified in their specialized areas of aviation-related airside services. They understand the need for delivering projects quickly and effectively with tight deadlines, while being flexible enough to accommodate changing work scopes. US Airways highly...

Lecaldo Sylvester, Senior Manager

Fentress Architects, Multiple Airport Project

I have found you and your team to be extremely responsive, and you have shown a willingness to work with us to develop proactive solutions to complex problems. Your ability to commit and deliver high-quality documents on very tight schedules has been an integral part of the whole team's success.

Thomas P. Theobald, Principal

Atlanta Dept. of Aviation, Atlanta International Airport

We find these companies to be exceptionally qualified to perform our terminal airside design and construction projects. They are uniquely capable of complete design and construction of these types of projects and are very well attuned to the complexity of airside projects.

Jay Dayhoff, P.E.

JBT AeroTech

JBT Jetway has found the AERO organization to be professional, responsive, competent, creative, and timely.

Todd Tanner, Director Worldwide Sales

Orlando International Airport

AERO has have always been customer-oriented, professional, competent and trustworthy, doing what they say they will—when they say they will. They have provided both a top-notch management team and exceptionally skilled technicians, with the regular result being a job well done and a satisfied...

Bob Pete, Assistant Director

URS Corporation, Tulsa Airport Authority

We are so impressed with the performance by AERO System Engineering that we would recommend their team to any airline or airport authority who have a project ahead that requires airside design and consulting.

Carol Gregory, Branch Manager

Delta Air Lines, Boston Logan, JFK International Airport

The AERO Group presents a uniquely qualified firm for aviation related terminal airside design and construction projects. Their experience is unparalleled in the industry, while their two company approach allows them to offer, under one roof, both design and construction of complex aviation airside projects.

Thom Lang, Deputy Program Director

Steve V. Nuzzo – JFK International Air Terminal, LLC

AERO Group as a whole has a known reputation for providing results accurately, in a timely manner and on budget.

Steve V. Nuzzo, Facility Manager