AERO Group’s Airside Planning
Will Keep Your Fleet Moving

At AERO Systems Engineering (ASE), our team of engineers and planning strategists know how to meet the stringent demands of airside planning design. Through extensive experience in the aviation industry, we’ve worked at nearly every domestic airport in the U.S. Whether a single gate or a multi-city gate system, we’re experts in FAA, International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements and applications.

We have developed a conservative engineering approach utilizing modern technology to its maximum benefit.


ASE Planning Benefits

  • Extensive unmatched experience
  • Performed services at nearly every major U.S. airport
  • ASE proprietary design software
  • Cross-trained surveyors in PBBs and fixed ground-support systems
  • Leading-edge robotic and GPS surveying applications
  • Creative and cost-saving solutions to complex airside planning
  • Optimization of gate operations

Airside Planning Services

  • Taxi lanes and taxiways
  • FAA Part 77 analysis
  • Non-licensed vehicle roadways (NLVR)
  • Vehicle service roadways (VSR)
  • Object-free areas (OFA)
  • Aircraft maneuvering
  • Passenger boarding bridges (PBB)
  • Aircraft parking and fueling
  • Aircraft ground-servicing equipment coordination (GSE)
  • Jet blast analysis and remediation
  • Power-in/power-out and tow-in/push-back operations
  • Ground load operations
  • Bussing operations
  • Diversion and IROP preparations
Our planning studies will meet your critical requirements while minimizing risk and maximizing long-term value.