Specialized Engineering Services Maximizes your Airside Operations

AERO Systems Engineering (ASE) specializes in sophisticated aviation fixed ground-support systems, including, but not limited to, passenger boarding bridge (PBB), 400 Hz ground power, preconditioned air, potable water, aircraft docking, fuel storage and delivery systems. We are a full-service firm with services ranging from systems consultation to turnkey design-build projects to commissioning services and repairs. We offer our customers a conservative engineering approach, while utilizing modern technology to its maximum benefit. We provide design services for single gate systems as
well as complete new facility airsides and reconfigurations.

While other firms continue to diversify, ASE remains solely focused on aviation fixed ground-support systems. This ensures we remain the most knowledgeable and capable airside engineering firm in the country.

AERO Systems Engineering Services

ASE has professional licensed engineers in all 50 states specializing in the
engineering, design, evaluation, and layout of the following:

  • Airside
  • Aircraft parking
  • Passenger boarding bridge (PBB)
  • 400 Hz systems (point-of-use and centralized)
  • 28.5VDC systems
  • Preconditioned air systems (PCA; point-of-use and centralized)
  • Aircraft Docking Systems (VDGS)
  • Hydrant fueling systems
  • Aircraft docking systems
  • GSE battery charging systems
  • Apron area lighting
  • In-house civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural

ASE is committed to providing our customers with economically advantageous, superior design solutions by combining sound engineering principles and state-of-the-art technology with incomparable experience in current system designs.